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About Morizon Shares

Purchasing Morizon Baank Shares is a smart choice for any Investor in these uncertain times. The world has seen many countries go through recessions, depressions and total economic meltdowns. However, throughout all of this, many banks have stood strong and have even increased their profit margins during these periods. Many others that were unable to do so have received government bailouts instead.

Whenever the term Worldwide Recession is used, the question should be asked. Who’s got all the cash? The answer always seems to be the Banks. This is not declaring that banks never fail. However, it does suggest that investing in a bank has a better chance of weathering the economic storms.

Morizon Baank intends to bridge the world of Fiat Financial Solutions with the world of Blockchain Financial Solutions. We are totally Crypto friendly, however, we recognize that there is a transitional period that many financial systems around the world need years to adjust to. Our Morizon Fintech Banking Solution is the perfect vehicle to facilitate this adjustment for our Investors and our Customers throughout these transitional years and beyond

Morizon forecast our Net Profits will significantly increase to 60 Million Pounds by the end of our third-year trading. This is due to the many millions of people across the world that will be forced into the Crypto Banking Sector who need a totally Crypto Friendly Bank to guide them through. Morizon being one of the first of its kind, will inturn make us one of the most trusted.

Morizon recognizes that there is a huge Fintech Banking, Financial Cake that has emerged into the world, which we intend to take a big slice from, that will financially benefit ourselves, our customers and our Share Holders for many years to come.

Anyone that has pre-ordered a Morizon Personal, Business or Gold Account will be eligible to purchase Morizon Shares. Each Morizon Share is valued at £63 however, the minimum amount you can purchase is 3 Shares which totals £189.00. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

Morizon intends on attracting 3 million Account holders worldwide by the end of our third-year trading. This is what will generate our 60 million pounds yearly net profits forecast from just our Monthly Account Fees alone. Shareholders with the minimum 3 Shares will receive 0.0066% in Dividends Profits each year, totaling £2,376. This passive income can help towards your Mortgage Payments, Car Payments, Utility Bills, Family Holidays and more, giving you the financial freedom you deserve.

Morizon will be available worldwide in over 65 countries, which includes the UK, USA, Central America and across the Caribbean. We aim to attract more countries in other parts of the world that have a high number of people who are Unbanked or Underbanked. These countries are the financial markets of the future. We intend on building a solid banking system in these regions and taking advantage of the many investment opportunities available, which we will share with all of our Morizon Customers.

Many banks today offer great mortgages and personal loans, which on the surface sounds great, but in truth it’s your money they are risking each time. Their Account Holders have no say in who their money is loaned out to or what the loan is for and most importantly they only give you pennies each year from the profits they make. The past has demonstrated to us time and time again that if the loans cannot be paid back, the bank will be in serious financial trouble, which can lead to Runs On The Bank or Bank Bail-ins and more. This is what is happening in many parts of the world today.

As a Morizon Account Holder you can rest assured that your money is always kept safe and secure in your account, because we will never loan out your money to anyone or for anything. We simply make our revenue profits from the small Account Fees and Transaction Fees we charge our customers each month. We then use these profits to provide investment opportunities for our Account Holders and Investors. Therefore, our customers will always have the option to invest in various lucrative projects or to just keep their cash in their account.

There is no doubt any longer that the entire planetary finances will be governed by Blockchain Technology in the very near future. This has given everyone the chance to take advantage of the numerous investment opportunities during this global transition of wealth. This will include Gold, Diamonds, AI Technology, Blockchain Projects and more. Morizon intends to present many of these opportunities to our account holders year on year, that will benefit us all.

Morizon is the baank of the future, that is totally Crypto & Blockchain Friendly and appreciates the principles of Sovereign Law. We intend on never losing site of this and promise to always provide our customers with a fast, efficient and hassle-free service and many forward-thinking investment opportunities along the way, that will financially improve their lives for many years to come. And that’s why we say “Money On The Horizon”. Thankyou.